Allnature Premium Graviola 500 ml

Allnature Premium Graviola 500 ml

Graviola is hailed as a wonder herb. Its popularity as a natural remedy for viruses, pain relief, and even some types of cancer is gaining ground.

Graviola extract has many compounds with antioxidant abilities. These include: tannins, saponins, phytosterols, flavonoids and anthraquinones. Also contains a lot of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, protein, beta-carotene, zinc, fiber, carbohydrates, magnesium, and much other content.

Antioxidants help people stay healthy overall. More research is needed to determine if graviola´s antioxidants prevent specific diseases.

Recommended intake: Take 20 ml of graviola 3 times a day, either undiluted or mixed with other juices. Shake well before use. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use soon.